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DJ Vetz, Urban Decay, Macys, Macy's, Concord, Sunvalley Mall
MC Experience
Diverse Music
17 yrs of Experience
Culture Awareness
Religion Sensitive
About Me
Greetings, and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Alberto Murillo, I'm 32 and I go by the name DJ Vetz. DJing is only a weekend business for me--and the occasional weeknight. During the week, I am a Real Estate Agent, Home Mortgage Loan Consultant and bookkeeper (studying to be an accountant--yes I'm still in school). Other than that, I'm a great person who loves dancing Salsa, enjoys camping, snowboarding, traveling, and loves making new friends.   
My Philosophy
"One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain."

-Bob Marley (singer/composer)


"A DJ has the ability to control your emotions, and thats very powerful."

-DJ Latin Prince (DJ)


"I believe everyoe should share what they know with the masses, in this way we can continue progressing as a species, in an innovative and harmonious way; we can all benefit and we can all win, win, win." 

-Alberto G. Murillo (aka DJ Vetz)

My Testimony
First and foremost, I have to explain why I am still a DJ. It's quite simple actually, I LOVE MY JOB! The business, and the constant people-to-people interaction brings me peace and happiness...and as they say "if you love your job, you trully never work a day of your life".
I believe in sharing one's knowledge with the rest of the world, I have a huge appreaciation for those that also believe in this philosophy. Which is why I go out my way to fascilitate the coordination of your event, with my experience, knowledge, and skill we can make your event a memorable one.
My History

1996 - (age 14) Introduced to the DJ scene.

1997 - (age 15) Hands-on 2 Technique Turntables and a beat-up RCA mixer hooked up to home speaker system. 

1999 - (age 17) Very limited budget, my father helps me invest in my first American DJ Dual Deck and Mixer system. 

1999-2003 - A whole lot of practicing and music collection begins.  

2004 - (age 22) For the first time ever, open for an underground Rave based out of 2nd and Jackson, in Oakland. 

2005 - (age 23) Invetsed in my first JBL SFX15 speaker system and the partying begins!

2006 - (age 24) DJ services & events increases, finally see investment back, my name get's recognized & decide to upgrade. 

2007 - (age 25) Invested in my first large Light & Speaker System. Business grows. Integrated into the digital world with laptops/serato/virtual dj. 

2008 - (age 26) Parties! Parties! Parties! More gigs, here are some examples: Weddings; Corporate; City Events; Quinceaneras; Debuts; Birthday Parties; Fraternity Parties: UC Berkeley/San Jose State/San Francisco State/UCSF/UC Davis; Serority Parties: UC Berkeley/Standford/UC Santa Cruz/San Jose State/Sac State/Santa Clara/UC Santa Barbara/UCLA; PA rental to bands and small concerts; Raider (section D) & Oakland A's tailgate parties. 

2009-2012 - All work and more parties. Hook up with several local singers and rappers as their DJ for all their events, and even appear in several music videos.  

2013 - (age 31) Introduced to Karaoke, and after a few reluctant attempts, decided to invest in music and equipment necessary to get it done. To my surprise, Karaoke was a great turn-out. 

2014 - (age 32) Complete re-haul and upgrade of entire DJ Light and Sound system. 

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